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Portable Hand Controls Description and Technical Data

The PHC-3 is a portable hand control for paraplegic or amputee drivers with a need for a hand control that can be conveniently carried in a briefcase or airline carry-on luggage. It easily installs in an automatic transmission automobile in a few minutes. This hand control is designed to be very small and light when the "legs" are telescoped and folded for transport, yet strong and easy to use when installed.

These hand controls are designed for use in vehicles with automatic transmissions by individuals with normal upper body strength and coordination. Hand motions are pull to accelerate, push to brake. As with all hand controls, power brakes are recommended.

Unlike most hand controls, the PHC-3 is designed to be installed from a wheelchair, and without tools. With a little practice, most people can install these hand controls in under three minutes.

The PHC-3 hand control functions well on most automatic transmission automobiles and light trucks, plus many specialized industrial vehicles, golf cars, and even arcade games. There are mini-cars sold in Japan that have very little clearance behind the throttle pedal. PHC-3 hand controls sold in Japan have a modified throttle clamp to allow greater pedal travel when used in these cars.

This hand control is operated with the left hand, while steering is done with the driverís right hand. Throttle is increased by pulling back on the handle, while braking is accomplished by pushing forward on the handle.

Specifications for the PHC-3, portable hand controls:

  • Weight of assembled hand control:
       2.2 lb., 1kg.

  • Dimensions of hand controls when prepared for transport:
      17.25x4.75x2.5 inches, 45x12x7 centimeters

  • Maximum extension of throttle leg:
      26 inches, 67 centimeters

  • Minimum extension of throttle leg:
      19 inches, 50 centimeters
  • Maximum extension of brake leg:
      24.5 inches, 61 centimeters

  • Minimum extension of brake leg:
      17 inches, 44 centimeters






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